Fort Wayne Museum of Art

One of my newer images from the Uncharted Constellation series will be on display at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art in Indiana for the next three months.

The National: Best Contemporary Photography 2015
Fort Wayne Museum of Art
Fort Wayne, IN
Oct 3, 2015-Jan 3, 2016

Uncharted Constellations (Revised)

This series is a meditation on the mystery of the night sky, re-imagined in the daylit winter snows of northern Maine. These constellations are charted only in my imagination, and evoke the memory of star-filled landscapes gathered from my travels around the world. Some transport me to the desert hills outside Tucson; others to the foothills of Nepal or to a cloudless night in the Philippines. These uncharted constellations recall the fluidity of time, space, and memory and the endless wonder of the stars.