Artist Statement

“For going out, I found, was really going in.”
— John Muir

My contemplative and creative practices mirror an intrinsic link between my internal and external journeys. Living in multiple countries across four continents my professional career led me to encounter firsthand the suffering and resilience of those living in poverty. I sought time in nature, allowing beauty to soothe my spirit and clear my mind. My long-term meditation practice offers a similar experience of spaciousness found through silent encounter, attentive observation and keen awareness.

My art-making is an exploration of perception and inquiry into its visual essence. I synthesize discipline with spiritual connection and restraint with exaltation. Referencing practices of Modernist artists Agnes Martin, Josef Albers and Sol Le Witt, I utilize geometry and repetition. I self-impose parameters of time and place creating abstract images composed of color and form. My intention is to reflect the boundlessness of our inner and outer landscapes. To achieve what Gerhardt Ricther deems the capacity of art, “to be the highest form of hope”.