The Geography of Light *

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* formerly “Intervals”

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Project Statement (2017-2019)

Natural landscapes—sea, sky, horizon, clouds—nurture my sense of wonder about the universe and the nature of Time, and call me to reflect on my place in it all.

In this series I am taking a subject that is deeply familiar and significant to me and observing it closely in a variety of locations and at different times. I purposely defocus each images I take to strip it of all immediately recognisable form. Doing so reveals a world of ever-changing light and colour not at first immediately apparent to me. In essence I am seeing beyond or behind what I “knew” to be solid and true.

To sketch out a roadmap through the longitude and latitude of this newly revealed terrain, I assembled into grids multiple images captured at a particular location. Each image is a small landmark within this map of space and time. The choice of images included in each grid was guided by pre-determined time-based rules. In other words, before creating an image I decided on the time interval to use—for example, twelve visual moments from one day in Wyoming or forty-eight visual moments from one week in New Mexico. After selecting the specific images, I curated them into the grid to help me navigate my inward journey between memory and place.