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Project Statement (2018-

Looking out across the open ocean over many months of solitude, my eyes often rest on the distant horizon. Observing closely, I am astounded at how it changes depending on the weather, the season, the time of day and my viewpoint. I am aware too of the range and strength of inner experiences that arise within me as I contemplate this distant and changeable form: awe and wonder, tranquility and calm, energy and restlessness, joy and happiness, luminosity and transcendence, and a sense of harmony and unity—all born from the same source: an imaginary line that appears to divide the world in two.

In these images, I attempt to isolate the purity of these experiences through re-imagined seascapes that use the interplay of naturally occurring colour found in the sea and sky. I take photographs of these two elements in a way that removes all recognisable form and releases the full range of colour within. In so doing I distill sea and sky to their pure visual essence, that of unbounded light. I pair images—sky above sky, sea above sea, sea above sky, sky above sea—paying close attention to the place at which the two images meet and the way in which the colours interact and engage my imagination. What emerges is a collection of visual re-interpretations of horizons that awaken in me the echoes of deeply felt inner experiences.