Uncharted Constellations

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Project Statement (2014-ongoing)

Being open to explore where an encounter can transport me, my imagination charts new constellations. These nightscapes begin with sun on snow.

In this series, I have set about transforming the sparkling highlights of the day-lit winter snows of northern Maine into imaginary star-filled skyscapes. The glitter of sunlight on snow lifts me out of this world and into another level of perception; standing in snowy fields I am standing in a star-lit sky. The camera’s limited ability to capture the intensity of this light provides an opportunity to innovate. In creating these images I interfere with the spatial and temporal dimensions, transforming the finite to the infinite and the transient to the timeless.

This process evokes both real and other-worldly night skies. At certain points my compositions transport me to skies reminiscent of those I have experienced in Namibia, the Philippines and Nepal. On other occasions I become an astronomer painting constellations of uncharted skies. For me, this series is a meditation on the mystery of perception, the fluidity of time and space and the endless wonder of the stars