Wheaton Biennial

I am delighted to share that two images from my Intervals series—Twilight (Wyoming) and One Day (Wyoming)—are were selected for inclusion in Wheaton College’s 4th biennial. The exhibit is held at the Beard and Weil Galleries in Norton, Massachusetts. This exhibit features 31 artists from different discplines, all of whose work challenges, explores, and celebrates the definition and history of painting as an artistic medium.

Brush Coat Cover (2019 Wheaton Biennial)
Beard and Weil Galleries
Wheaton College
Norton, MA
14 Feb-8 March, 2019
Reception: 19 Feb. 5-7.30 PM

Griffin Museum of Photography

Mid-month (Wyoming)

Mid-month (Wyoming)

This past winter I spent a month at an artist residency in Wyoming. During this time I created a body of work entitled "Intervals (Wyoming)" in which I wove conventional measures of time  together with my visual experience of it. I am delighted to report that one image, "Mid-month (Wyoming)", from this series is included in the Griffin Museum of Photography's 24th Annual Exhibition, along with the work of many other photographers. If you can, please stop by sometime this summer to view what looks to be an exciting collection of photographs.  Or better still, join me at the opening on the 19th July.

24th Annual Exhibition
Griffin Museum of Photography
Winchester, MA
19 July-2 September, 2018
Juror's Talk*: 19 July (6.15 PM)
Reception: 19 July (7-8.30 PM)

* Richard McCabe, Curator, Ogden Museum, New Orleans

Fort Wayne Museum of Art

If you happen to be anywhere Fort Wayne (Indiana), please stop by the Fort Wayne Museum of Art to view the "National: Best Contemporary Photography 2018" exhibition. I am delighted that the above image from my Intervals series is included in what looks to be a very exciting exhibition.

The National: Best Contemporary Photography 2018
Fort Wayne Museum of Art
Fort Wayne, IN
Dates: 21 April-18 July, 2018

"Weekend" at Perspective Gallery, Evanston, IL

I am very happy to announce that "Weekend", an image from my "Intervals" series, will be on display at the Perspective Gallery in Evanston, Illinois. "Intervals" is an ongoing project in which I explore conventional measures of Time in relationship to my personal experience of Time.

If you happen to be in the Chicago area, please stop by and visit the gallery.

Lens 2018
Perspectives Gallery
Evanston, IL
1 March-1 April, 2018 (Open Thurs.-Sat 12-6PM and Sun. 12-5PM)
Reception: 3 March (5-7PM)

More information coming soon about another exhibition in which "Intervals" will be included.


Griffin Museum at SoWa, Boston

In case you missed the pop-up show in Chelsea, MA last month, here's your chance to view "Unscene" again. The Griffin Museum is hosting the exhibition at 530 Harrison Avenue for the next two months. This show features work from my Uncharted Constellations series, which consists of photographs of brightly lit snow crafted to resemble nightscapes, both real and other-worldly. The reception coincides with First Friday in SoWa so there should be plenty of other interesting work to see in nearby galleries and artist studios.

Griffin Museum at SoWa
530 Harrison Avenue
Boston, MA
11 July-12 September, 2017 (Mon-Fri: 8AM-5PM)
Reception: 4 August (6-8 PM)

Griffin Pop-up Show, Chelsea, MA

I am delighted to be one of three artists to be included in a pop-up show in Chelsea, MA organized by the Griffin Museum of Photography this coming weekend. My contribution to the show is from my Uncharted Constellations series, which consists of photographs of brightly lit snow crafted to resemble nightscapes, both real and other worldly. 

Pearl Street Gallery
100 Pearl Street
Chelsea, MA
17-18 June, 2017 (12-6PM)
Reception: 17 June, 6-8.30 PM
Thinking about attending? Please RSVP here.

This show is part of the Chelsea Art Walk, so come early and see more art at the different venues.



New Work at 555 Gallery, Boston

I have been working on a new series of photographs this winter. I am delighted to report that I will be sharing some of these in 555 Gallery's next exhibition, entitled Inherent Vitality. This exhibition, which features the work of a number of other artists, "is inspired by ideas of warmth, growth, water and immersion in the vitality of summer."

Inherent Vitality
555 Gallery
Boston, MA
20 May- mid-July, 2017
Reception: 20 May (5-8 PM)

I hope to see you there.



Sustaining the eARTh

On the 21st April, St. Joseph’s College in Standish, Maine is celebrating Earth Day with a series of interactive activities and demonstrations starting at 2.30 PM.  It is also hosting a mixed media art exhibition, which explores and celebrates the intersection between art and the environment. I am pleased to announce that two images from my Flow series are included in this exhibition.

Sustaining the eARTh
Stone Barn at Sebago Lake
St Joseph’s College
Standish, ME
21 April-13 May, 2017
Opening: 4-5.30 PM, 21 April


The Measure of Light

Light Play
Blue Line Arts
Roseville, CA
6 June-9 July, 2016
Reception: 18 June (6-9 PM)


I have long been interested in how we perceive forms, and in the power of abstract art to deepen our understanding of perception. Cast your eyes to the horizon and you’ll see how quickly the mind measures, frames, and categorizes the scene, latches on to form and shape, and instinctively divides the world into categories such as “earth”, “sea”, “sky”. Is it possible to see past these mind-made boundaries? What remains when we shift our gaze and distill the horizon to its pure visual essence?

To explore these questions, I spent months photographing the same spot on the distant ocean horizon at different times and different days. I deliberately de-focussed the lens to create a softened gaze that transforms sharp boundaries into seamless transitions of colour and dissolves familiar forms: no “sea”, no “sky”, no “horizon”. In this way, the eye is liberated from the familiar constraints of form, and is released into an immeasurable field of pure light.

I then rearranged strips from these formless photographs into triptychs. This allows the eye to explore and compare the variations of light and colour that naturally occur from hour to hour and day to day. I print these images large to create an immersive sensory experience that places the viewer on an equal footing with the images.

 To see more from the Measure of Light series, click here.