Art2015 at the Harlow Gallery

Adagio #5

Adagio #5

Above is one of the two pieces from my new Adagio series (soon to be added to my website) that are included in the Art2015 exhibition at the Harlow Gallery in May.

Harlow Gallery
Hallowell, ME
May 6-30, 2015
Opening: May 6 (5-8 PM)

Stay tuned for more gallery news coming very soon.


How do we find our way through dark times? One of life’s great surprises is how, even when the heart has been broken open from grief, we can still find moments of light and joy. For me, a moment of sadness may be transformed into one of profound delight when I stop and immerse myself in the sound of the wind in the trees, the curve of a blade of grass, light shimmering on the ocean, or simply the sensations of breath itself. In the Adagio series, as petals float and dance through time, I celebrate these moments of joy-filled connection that have been so uplifting during difficult times.