Uncharted Constellations in Cambridge, MA

Uncharted Constellations #9, from a new series (see more), was recently selected for inclusion in an exhibit in Cambridge, MA.

University Place Gallery
Cambridge, MA
12 March-17 April, 2015
Opening: 12 March (6-8PM)

"Uncharted Constellations" is a meditation on the mystery of the night sky, but with stars that have never been seen before; stars that have been charted only in my imagination. These are dreams of star-filled landscapes, gathered from memories of my travels around the world, re-imagined in the mid-winter snows of northern Maine. Some evoke memories of the desert hills outside Tucson; others the foothills of Nepal or of gazing deep into a clear night sky from a village in the Philippines. These uncharted constellations recall the fluidity of time, space, and memory and the endless wonder of the stars.